Welcome to My Floral Design Online Classes

With my instruction, learn to see Floral Design with new eyes.

I teach my workshops in Botanical Couture and Woodland Texture designs all over the world – in floral schools, studios, museums, garden clubs and conferences - and also right in my home garden studio in Portland, Oregon.

But these classes are limited and don't always fit into everyone's busy lives. If only I could be in two places at once!  Well now I can.  

Online courses are the perfect way to receive all of the information and details you would in my workshops and the best part is, this is totally at your own pace.

Add a creative dimension to your own business and open up new revenue streams by learning an entirely new way to look at and present florals.

I teamed up with a wonderful videographer, Cam Östman in my Portland, OR garden studio to bring you step-by-step tutorials on the exquisite trend of botanical jewelry design. 

There are four step-by-step tutorials from which to choose and I walk you through the craft and thinking behind each one.  Combining wire and natural materials, we will literally be deconstructing plants to discover their inner, often hidden, jewels to create show-stopping wearable art. There are 4 online courses available:

Necklaces. Rings. Bracelets. Earrings

You have the option to purchase one, more than one, or all.
I can't wait to get started on your journey with you, and teach you all the curiousity and vision needed to create exquisite pieces on your own!
Let's Get Started!

Photo credits: Ted Mishima, Sarah Collier, Theresa Bear

"Your curiosity is contagious, Francoise! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and unique perspective on botanical couture with the flower world!"

– Alison Ellis, Floral Designer